The writer awakes to the sound of waves washing over the beach. The institute was over 300 miles away from the sea, just where was he? Well, not so important. On another note: he felt great! There was a dream about flying through the sky on a giant super fluffy Poro... why would he dream stuff like that? Meh, also not important. Next to him he finds a handsome man dozing in the sand. Did Varus bring him here? But why? Slightly confused the writer looks around, not sure what he should do now...

The archer used his arms as pillow for his head,yawning slightly then watching the writer from the corner of his sleepy eyes.
”I see you’ve finally awoken.”He started sitting up and stretching out his arms.

The arclight felt the confusion that was released by the man next to him.The problem was the archer himself didn’t really know where they landed as it was hard to find the way in the air with his direction being changed constantly.
”I had the intention to bring you to the institute but i couldn’t make a move with you having magical dream.”He continued a small smile of amusement forming on his lips as he stood up handing a hand to the writer to help this one to stand up.


❝''Running away is not a solution...The past will always catch you and so do i,young master.''The corruption taunts him constantly.❞
Bows And Arrows